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July 5, 1995.

Mr. Jim W. Moyles, III

Dear Jim,

I became a distributor with Rexall Showcase International because I was intrigued with the products they had to offer within the preventative healthcare market. Heart disease is hereditary within MY family and my father had his first heart attack in his early thirties.

I had my cholesterol checked at age 19 only to find out that I had a cholesterol level of 392. My physician did not want to place me on medication at that time, so I just watched my diet and increased my exercise. Well, as time passed, my cholesterol remained elevated and my physician felt medication was necessary. I refused to begin on Mevacor and continued with diet and exercise.

At age 26, I had my cholesterol tested before I began the Bios Life, RX For Life Plan along with the Cellular Essentials and my lab test showed a reading of 384. I immediately began taking the product 3 times a day and my level dropped 120 points within a 6-10 week period. Over a four month period, my LDL went from 308 down to 205.

Now there is a product which I personally consume and continue to have positive results with and recommend to my family and friends.


Carolyn Cox

Dear Jim,

I am writing to relate my impressions about Bios Life II. As a lipidologist I specialize in treating patients with abnormal serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Many of my patients have an underlying genetic disorder with subsequent extreme cholesterol or triglyceride elevations. Others have acquired their abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride due to a variety of problems such as diabetes mellitus, liver disease, kidney disease, abnormal thyroid function, various medications or other causes.

I have found the response to Bios Life II to be impressive in all of these patients. First, the unique combination of medium osmolality fibers, principally guar gum, in this compound effectively lowers low density lipoprotein (LDL or "bad") cholesterol while increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL or "good") cholesterol. Second, unlike other fiber agents or bile acid sequestrates, such as cholestryamine, which can increase triglyceride levels in some patient populations, Bios Life II tends to lower serum triglyceride. This effect is due, in part, to the presence of a highly bioavailable form of niacin- bound chromium found in Bios Life II. This type of chromium optimizes blood sugar levels significantly in both diabetic patients with elevated blood sugars as well as hypoglycemic patients with abnormally low blood sugars. Also, Bios Life II has an added benefit of inducing weight reduction. As a result, lipoprotein lipase function is improved with subsequent enhancement of our normal triglyceride clearance mechanism.

Even if patients are unable to completely reach their lipid goals with Bios Life II, they do benefit by requiring significantly less prescription medication to "finish the job" on this compound than they would otherwise require. An added bonus of Bios Life II is the addition of substantial amounts of fiber to our diets which translates into reduced risks of cancers of the breast and colon.

I have been extremely pleased with the clinical response I have seen in my practice using Bios Life II and I look forward to continued success in the future.


William C. Cromwell, M.D.
Lipid Disorders
Director - Lipid Treatment Program

Dr. Maurice Harris

My name is Maurice Harris. I am board certified in internal medicine and cardiology. Grew up in Brooklyn. So when Dr. Whitehead told me about some of these products, I wanted to slap him upside his head. I really didn't feel that it would be in our practice's best interest. Basically, I went to a number of the meetings and I became a little bit more impressed about what people were saying and I think the bottom line is that I went ahead and started to take the product. I initially did my own cholesterol level and then followed it over several months time. And I think one of the things that my office staff noticed almost within a week's time was that I was not getting as upset as I was. It seemed to sort of calm you down a little bit. The other thing that I noticed most of all is that I had more energy. And I think that I wasn't getting as fatigued as I normally would at the end of the day.

Checking my cholesterol, and again, I really didn't have much of a cholesterol problem. My initial cholesterol was 198. And that was actually the best I had ever gotten it in the last five years. Usually it runs about 220. But with only taking one packet of the Bois Life my cholesterol went down to 160; and I had an LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, went down to 89. I was thoroughly impressed with the product. So I sort of tried it out on my most difficult patients and one patient that I really have had a lot of difficulty with was an individual... she was an older woman, 80 years of age who had had by-pass surgery. And the best I can do with diet and top dose Zocor, which was 40 milligrams was, ah, 285. And I just gave her a box of the Bois Life to take for a month's time. And her Cholesterol went from 285 to 216 in 30 days, and it just blew me away. And that convinced me that this product was definitely worthwhile. And I have been using it ever since.

I am in one of the largest cardiologist groups in the Southeast. I will tell you it's a challenge to get cardiologist to accept this product. In my particular part of the group, where we have eight or nine cardiologists, they are slowly accepting the product. I have one individual who takes very good care of himself; he's a very thin gentleman. He's most incredible low fat eater I've seen. He takes a half a packet of Bois Life an day and his cholesterol has dropped 40 points. So, I can tell you it works. And, I'm slowly gaining acceptance certainly in the people in my practice and some of the other health care professionals around me.

Dr. Waynard Miller

My name is Waynard Miller,MD. I received my medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina and my internal medicine and cardiology training was obtained at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. Although we currently have very effective and relatively safe medications to lower lipid levels, I have found many of my patients fall into one of these two categories. Number 1, patients whose lipid levels are still above recommended guidelines despite maximum doses of medication; and two, patients who cannot or wish not to take large doses of medications for a long period of time.

My approach to treatment of these patients now emphasizes non pharmacological efforts. When first introduced to Rexall's Bios Life II, I was skeptical, having heard numerous claims for dietary treatment of high lipids. However, I was impressed by the fact that there was a patent on the method and composition of the dietary fiber supplement Bios Life II. I was also impressed that one of the major ingredients in Bios Life II, guar gum, was found in a 1992 study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, to lower LDL cholesterol by as much as 15%. Being a physician who wishes to test effectiveness of approved treatments, before I give a complete endorsement; I placed about 30 of my high lipid patients on either soluble fiber alone or in addition to there current medication to lower lipid levels.

Before this admittedly non scientific trial, I felt Bios Life II treatment would be successful if I could document a 10 to 15% drop in LDL cholesterol. The following is a summary of my patients having taken one tablespoon two or three times daily of Bois Life II after a six week treatment. Again the treatment is Bios Life II alone and without changing any dietary intake or exercise. The percent LDL reduction ranged from a low of 23% reduction to a high of 41% reduction. Total cholesterol was reduced by a range of 19% to 41%. And in one patient, triglycerides were reduced from 760 to 306, a 60% reduction. An additional patient, was taking Zocor, 20 mil. daily, took Bios life II for six weeks and his LDL was reduced to 100, a 51% reduction on this combination therapy.

Needless to say I was convinced. Bios Life II now plays a major role in my treatment of high lipids; especially in patient who need a 20 to 30% reduction in LDL cholesterol, do not meet cholesterol reduction goals despite maximal drug dosage, or prefer to treat their high lipid levels by non medicine means before being prescribed a medicine with potential side effects.

Dr. Bill Pierce

I'm Dr. Bill Pierce. I'm a member of the board of directors of a large multi-specialty group practice of over 100 physicians, and also past member of the boards of directors of a large medical center in the Mid-West. I'm board certified in foot and ankle surgery and I'm a member of the American Diabetes Association, and I have a real passion for diabetic limb salvage. I started taking the Bios Life II program to show my wife that these products would not work. Essentially for two reasons. I had high cholesterol and I knew from my training that natural products could not lower cholesterol levels. And number two, I did not want to damage my reputation in the medical community by being known as promoting vitamins and natural products to my patients.

Well, its very difficult to tell your wife that she knows more about vitamins than you do. But when my cholesterol went from 251 to 195 and my LDL's went from high risk to low risk in four weeks, without dietary change; I just had to fess up, because numbers don't lie. The Rexall Bios Life II fiber supplement, along with the Cellular Essential program, have transformed the lives of so many of my diabetic patients that I must share these products with everyone I come in contact with. I mean that's my job as a doctor, taking care of the patient. And now, I can help the patient take care of themselves. Over the last three years I have come to know Rexall Showcase International as a company that has high integrity and vision. Their providing superior products that hold US. Patients and are providing a higher quality of life for my patients. And they are doing this a preventative health care program. I firmly believe that my wife's business, through RSI, is going to do more good for the health of more people; than the last thirteen years of my practice or in my next twenty.

Dr Franklin Murphy

My name is Dr. Franklin Murphy, just a little bit about me and about my story. I'm board certified in both internal medicine and cardiology and I had the privilege, if you will, of practicing medicine full time at UCLA where I conceived, developed and ran the preventive health program for a period of about 10 years. During that time period I was very curious about using fiber in treating Hypercholesterolemia and disease in general. At that time when I was there.. that was in the 80's... I was unable to because there was no commercially readily available product that I could use.

About one year ago I had my cholesterol checked. You know doctors usually don't take that good care of themselves. So I had my cholesterol checked and triglycerides And my triglycerides were 1284. At that level it puts you at risk for hemoragic panceatitis and death and I really wasn't prepared to die about then so... and my cholesterol was 316 and my dad had heart disease prematurely so I knew I had to do something about it. At that time I met a friend who exposed me to this product and I knew about the product right away because I had been studying for 'em, it was like a God send to me. I began taking the product and over a period of about four months my weight dropped 35 pounds, my cholesterol normalized to less than... I think it when from 316 to 174 and my triglycerides from 1200 to less than 200. And so I'm sure because of the Rexall product I added years and decades on to my life.

After seeing this I discovered, or during the course of the time period, I discovered that there was a business associated with this. And the thing that really excited me about the business was that things in medicine have changed and I'm down in the trenches. I don't know about you all, your probably down in the trenches with your jobs too. I do some HMO medicine, some capicated care. Exactly what that means; if you sign up for me as a primary, I get nine dollars, per month, to take care of you. Whether or not you are in the hospital, whether or not you come see me ten times. Well for nine dollars a month I can't provide a lot of care. I'm a fourth generation doctor. My great-grandfather graduated from the University of Cincinnati, at that time, was the first medical school west of the Allegheny's. I've seen medicine change, there is a strong tradition in my family I want to continue to practice medicine the way I feel it should be practiced. In a more fee for service setting, where you get what you pay for. So I don't want to do the HMO medicine and. This provides me a vehicle, another alternative source of income where I don't have to do the HMO medicine and I can do the fee for service medicine. But more importantly, if you really think about it; and I got this from from Lou, Lou I heard your tape was great, I heard I got an early edition but I just absolutely loved it. And Lou had one thing that really impressed me about it. And that was, ah, he said that what he would like to do with his career is preventative health care. In other words, don't allow a tire to get flat; fix the tire before it gets flat. Work on realignment; preventative health care.

And so by getting involved in this business, each and everyone of you become doctors in a sense. Because you have a very powerful product that you will distribute to the masses and treat patients in a preventative way. many people you can touch in this business. So I'm really excited about this business and I think that you all should be too.