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Bios Life Slim: Lose Weight, Lose Fat, Lower Cholesterol, Lower Triglycerides, Plus Many More Health Benefits Click Here For Details and How To Use

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New Bios Life E—Super Energy Boost in Powder Form :New Bios Life E Super Energy Boost Powder offers the same great benefits of the Super Energy Boost in the ready-to-drink cans—only now, it’s even more convenient to carry Smart Energy wherever you go! 

Simply tear open the packet and mix with water, juice, protein shake… and soon you’ll be enjoying the refreshing pomegranate–berry flavor and have the Super Energy Boost you’ve wanted.

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Bios Life E—Super Antioxidant Boost   Nature’s most unrelenting antioxidants blended with our proprietary matcha tea formula for mental focus and clarity. Carry the convenient powder pack in your pocket, purse, gym bag, glove box, or briefcase. Pour, shake, drink. Smart Energy when you need it—where you need it.

$80.00 US Only and Free Shipping: Order Below

Note: This is a 30 ct. powder pak


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